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Our products are inspired by the world and people around us. High-quality goods that are hand-selected and designed especially for you. Discover our story and meet the people that make us who we are.  

Italy is known for excellence... with things you make with your hands. It is about making something with genuine and traditional methods, using the best possible materials.  

 A TUSCANY LEATHER product is the result of centuries of experience in the Tuscan leather and tanning tradition. Our styles have evolved with time to respond to new needs related to ergonomics and wearability but the inheritance of the skilled leather makers of the 19th century has been preserved. Many of our products have indeed unaltered designs which are typical of an ancient product with modern functions. This is our distinguishing feature and strength

Our leather is tanned according to the old tanning tradition of the 19th century using vegetable tannins in full respect of the environment.