Everything About the Korean Skincare Routine

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1. One of the biggest secrets of Korean skin care is that they start preventive skincare when they’re young instead of waiting until issues pop us unlike us. We use an eye cream only when we spot the first wrinkle.
2. Most Korean skin care products are milder and can be used by women with sensitive skin. In India, most cosmetic products contain artificial colors, fragrances, harsh chemicals or parabens.
 3. Compared to India, there is more awareness of the damage UV inflicts on the skin every day among Koreans, which is why sunscreen is so popular in Korea.
4. Doesn’t matter how tired they are, Korean women never go to bed without removing every trace of dirt and makeup from their faces. We’re talking about an intensive two-step cleansing routine. However, on most nights, we are tempted to crash in no time.
5. Korean skin care routine is more involved than our typical quick cleanse and smear of night cream. An average regime includes at least six Korean skin care steps at the minimum and ten at the maximum.
6. One-of-a-kind ingredients are the USP of Korean beauty products. Ground-breaking ingredients such as snail mucin, snail mucus, donkey milk, and bee venom are the hero elements of Korean skin care products.




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